Welcome to TALES FROM BARKS INLET. Barks Inlet is a small seaport town in the Great Pacific Northwest of America. The stories you will read here are about the people who live and work here, however their stories will take them all over the globe! Barks Inlet, the town will also play a role in some of these stories too!

The first story I am going to tell, is called “THE ASCENT OF WHISKEY DICK MOUNTAIN”. This story tells the tale of six climbers exploring an un-climbed mountain in the interior of the island Barks Inlet is located on. This story will show things that can and do go wrong on expeditions of this type. After this story has been told I will move on to another story featuring some of the same characters from “THE ASCENT OF WHISKEY DICK MOUNTAIN”.

So sit back and relax, enjoy the “trip”! A new page from the story will post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Thank you for dropping by I hope you enjoy your visit!

Richard Hodgson